Audition time limit is approximately 2-4 minutes in length.

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Beast Women has spent the last nine years celebrating freedom, sexuality, life oddities, and primal strength found in all women.

Show us how you unleash your inner Beast, and you could be chosen to perform in the next series!


-Dancers (all types)

-Performance Artists
-Circus Side Show

-Spoken Word Artist


Interested in bringing Chicago's Premier All-Female Showcase to your Town or School? Beast Women tours with a selected choice of our amazing Beastie performers and always features a local Beastie performer to represent your area. Want to inquire more? E-mail Jill!


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There are several occasions during the year to become a sponsor, including the Beast Women and Beast Women Rising Series. E-mail Jill for more info.



Every Beast Women and Beast Women Rising show, we do a Beastie Bonus Raffle. We’ve had folks give the full spectrum of items. From promotional items for their talent or business, to bottles/cans of beer, to random things around the house! If it’ll excite the crowd, we’ll take it. E-mail Jill for more info.



Love the shirts in the picture, of course you do! And we know you totally want one. Come see the show and buy a shirt and/or a hat. Shirts are $20, hats are $25. The best part: Not only will you have the latest in theatre haute couture, all of your future Beast Women shows will cost you half the shows full price! (As long as you are wearing said apparel).

Putting together a show like Beast Women is almost a full time job. (And we already have day jobs… So we eagerly take on a double duty.) It is a great deal of time, determination, devotion and funding that we place into our show to further our goal. We strive to showcase phenomenal women and their powerful talent in the most entertaining, fun, positive, unique, and professional of shows. This is incredibly important to us, so we dedicate ourselves to make sure that we can give our performers and our audiences the best Beastie experience we can. It is a big responsibility, but we love this show and we are committed to continue growing and expanding. We are delighted to be celebrating our 9th year as Chicago’s Premier All Female Performance Revue. Your support is a huge factor in keeping us focused on our mission.

The Beast Women will provide an epic show with an amazing assortment of entertainers:



Next Round of Auditions:

June 24th, 5pm - 10pm

(There is no alternative date!)

 at Prop Thtr 3502 N. Elston Ave. Chicago, IL 60618

Calling all Female Performing Artists!!!  We are looking for any and all performance genres!  Show us how you unleash your inner Beast, and you could be chosen to be one of our elite performers for our Fall Series. YOU MUST HAVE AN AUDITION SLOT!!! THESE ARE NOT OPEN AUDITIONS!!!